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Recreational Music Making

because Every Life Needs Music!


Adults who learn to play the piano or organ simply live better.  Making music enriches our quality of life and relaxes the mind and soul.  Each and every one of us possesses music within our hearts, souls and minds that we need to express.  We invite you to express your inner music in one of our Recreational Music Making classes.


Music isn't learning notes and playing them.  You learn notes to play to the music of your soul.

   ~Katie Greenwood


Recreational Music Making is a national movement which is quickly gaining momentum and support.  Below are a few links to other RMM resources and organizations. 

We hope to have you join one of our classes at either The Piano Gallery of Corpus Christi, TX or Valley Keyboards of McAllen, TX.

To request more information or enroll in an RMM class, please click here.

Recommended Links

National Association of Music Merchants is the association whose mission is to unify, lead and strengthen the international music products industry and increase active participation in music making.  NAMM has established a division who's main focus is the development and promotion of Recreational Music Making.
Home American Music Conference's goal is to build credibility for music and music education and to expand that portion of the population that enjoys and makes its own music.  AMC is a driving force behind the development and promotion of Recreational Music Making classes, events and curriculum. 


Making Music Magazine offers inspiration, instruction, and information for the amateur musician. Read stories about music makers from all walks of life, learn about the latest medical research into the benefits of making music, discover tips to make you learn better and get the most out of your hobby, and much more.

The National Piano Foundation's objective is to inform readers about Recreational Music Making as it relates to piano. The piano community is working on a joint RMM initiative and this site will report on these activities.
The Mind-Body Wellness Center has been developed for individuals and their loved-ones who are willing to take an active role in their own well-being or healing process.   The center is actively researching how music making positively effects the whole body.  Read articles and follow current research being led by Dr. Barry Bittman and a team of doctor's dedicated to making music an integral part of everyday health and wellness.